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The Smile Case photo couldn't make it to a Smile Case show?! "ohhh..I'm working" "ohhh..I'm out of town" "ohhhh....I'm lazy" Whatever the's never "ohhhh...I don't have $5 for the show tonight" So here we go.... The Smile Case "$5/yr gets you full!!!" Subscription club.... This is for the folks that can't make it to the show... (or want to relive the wonderful experience ;) ) You pay $5 a year and will get an instant download of my last show. Full set. unedited. Banter and all :) To sweeten the deal you will get downloads for all previous shows we've played and uploaded as well as any future show we play and upload from then til the end of the year? It's like maybe going to 30+ shows for only $5!!!
As an added bonus I will be digging through the past ten years of files on my computer and uploading some old live shows and radio interviews.... so cool, eh? So what are you waiting for?! Give us your $5 and we'll give you music all year


  • For $5/year, you get everything above.
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  • For $15/year, you get everything above, plus:
    Spit us a few extra bucks...and at the end of the year we will ship you a cassette with 'the best' choice cuts from all the shows we play during the year. This will be mailed as a hand numbered cassette tape. (if you want the compact disc format instead of the cassette format please e-mail us and let us know...thanks )
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The Smile Case
Glen Meyer, Ontario
“After 10 years of releasing albums and touring as a solo artist Ben Andress decided to drop the acoustic, pick up an electric, and convince some friends to start a very loud band with him. 'Angel Beach' is the perfect summer breakup album. With clever lyrics and heartfelt honesty it is sure to tug at listeners emotions.”

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